Proudly using Real California Milk

After looking around the world for the best milk sources we could find, we ended up in our own back yard: California! We're proud to use Real California Milk as the foundation for our beverages, because of the state's commitment to high cleanliness standards, humane treatment to animals, and emissions reduction.

The Happiest Cows on Earth 

Well, our kids loved it, and it worked so well that we kept making it. Our friends started asking us how we made it to school early and with happy kids, not just on some mornings, but every morning. We told them about the shakes. The first time our parent friends asked us to make them some, we were flattered. When we got asked five times in a week, from parents we hadn’t spoken to before, we knew we were on to something!

Only the Best Ingredients 

We decided to build a brand out of it, with the mission to provide the best tasting shakes and the best nutritional formulations for our own children’s growth. Along the way, one of the world's leading pediatric nutritionists became a partner, Laura. Laura dove into the academic literature and put together the ideal mix of nutrients to include in the shakes. We sourced the most worthy ingredients for our own kids. We went to all of this effort not just for our own kids, but to be accessible for any caring and busy parent.


We sincerely hope that you will join our community of caring and busy parents who want the best for our kids, both for their own good and for their own enjoyment! Have a click to learn more about how proper nutrition impacts your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us or check the FAQ