Proudly using Real California Milk

After looking around the world for the best milk sources we could find, we ended up in our own back yard: California! We're proud to use Real California Milk as the foundation for our beverages, because of the state's commitment to high cleanliness standards, humane treatment to animals, and emissions reduction.

The Happiest Cows on Earth 

Sustainability is important to us, because a happy planet means happier, healthier kids.

We chose California Milk, because they lead the nation in sustainable farming practices.

Over the past 50 years, California dairy farmers have: 

- Reduced greenhouse emissions per gallon of milk produced by nearly 50%
- Reduced water consumption per gallon of milk produced by nearly 90%

That is a serious commitment to resource efficiency, and worth proudly supporting.

Family-Owned Farms Treating Cows Ethically.

California dairy farms are over 99% family-owned, and we feel that the way they do business aligns well with our values as a company. 

California farms also conform to the national FARM program (Famers Assuring Responsible Management), which ensures that cows are treated humanely and respectably. 


We sincerely hope that you will join our community of caring and busy parents who want the best for our kids, both for their own good and for their own enjoyment! Have a click to learn more about how proper nutrition impacts your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us or check the FAQ